Guitarist and recording artist Joe Walsh, then and now

We are all addicted to our own habitual way of doing anything, our own defenses, and, most especially, our patterned way of thinking, or how we process reality.” Richard Rohr

I have been a bit obsessed with AA and how the Twelve Steps resonate with me personally and with Little Book of Virtues. This week I came across this quote by Richard Rohr, who wrote an insightful book called “Breathing Underwater, Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.” I realize that the likely reason for that resonating is that I too am an addict! The quote above describes me, all too thoroughly. I believe Little Book of Virtues can be a tool for people like me who see, admit, and want a way out of our addictive ways of thinking.

 “Well you know,

I was always the first to arrive at the party, 

And the last to leave the scene of the crime

Well it started with a couple of beers,

And it went I don’t know how many years,

Like a runaway train headed for the end of the line”

“Well I finally got around to admit that I might have a problem

But I thought it was just too damn big of a mountain to climb

Well I got down on my knees and said hey

I just cant go on livin’ this way

Guess I have to learn to live my life one day at a time

Oh yeah, one day at a time”

“Well I finally got around to admit that I was the problem

When I used to put the blame on everybody’s shoulders but mine

All the friends I used to run with are gone,

Lord, I hadn’t planned on livin’ this long

But I finally learned to live my life one day at a time”

“It was something I was too blind to see,

I got help from something greater than me

And today I learned to live my life one day at a time”

Music and lyrics by Joe Walsh, from the song “One Day at a Time” from the album “Analog Man” by Joe Walsh