1975, Rathskellers, Moscow ID

True confession:   I’m a drummer. A very out-of-practice drummer. But at my peak…I was a mediocre drummer! I had a brother who was a child prodigy, a cousin who was a famous rock star (in the 60’s), a talented father who sang and played guitar…and I wanted in on all that. I decided to be a guitar player like my dad, but quit after oh, about five minutes. Too hard. Then I got a little drum set, and found that I had some natural ability when it came to rhythm and time and “feel.” I got as far as I got with a little practice, by jamming with my brother, playing in my college band “Snickers,” and in our family band “Country Nicks.”


The point is, I played drums! I performed in front of people. I even played on some recordings. Just a little practice, a lot of listening, believing, desiring to play…produced results, got me quite a ways down the drumming road. 


What have you practiced? My suggestion to you is that practicing the Virtues is one of the most important things that you can practice and is well worth the effort. Practice the virtues, for your own benefit, for the benefit of your children, grandchildren, wife or husband, really everyone around you. Playing music, playing sports, all of that can be fun and gratifying and teach us lessons like discipline, persistence, etc. Practicing the virtues? Prioritizing a virtuous practice? That can build a legacy, set an example for others, and result in our world being a kinder, gentler, safer place for everyone.


I’m a drummer, thanks to even a bit of practice and a bunch of repetition. My focus these days is practicing the Virtues, believing that even a little practice can produce  kindness, compassion, and service that impacts a life or two. I’m not looking to be the next Saint Francis or Gandhi, I just want the 2020’s version of myself to be a little better person than my 70’s self. I can do it, and so can you. Our world needs us to do our best. So help me, God.