Joel Moody is a cousin-in-law that my wife Julee and I are very close to. Joel has taught me so much and been such an encouragement to me. Joel offers the following regarding the virtue of Honoring:
“The past year of my life has been several trips to the hospital, some were quick and some turned into 4 week stays with no real hope of being released in sight. It was because of this experience I realized how hard the nursing profession worked and maintained a positive attitude while dealing with patients at their worst.”
“I’ve heard everything this past year from “you only have a few years to live” to “I’ve seen patients like you go on and lead a full life”. Sometimes these comments made by the doctors involved would leave me in tears. My nurse was always right there to comfort me. Without even saying anything, they would just put their hand out and let me know they were there. I have so much respect and honor for these unsung heroes of the hospital. May God watch out over each of them and give them the strength they need to make it through the heartbreaking and difficult days they endure.”
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