August 25, 2021

I tell the story in one of the Virtues on the website of the man who went walking on the ocean beach, where he spotted a young boy tossing starfish that were left high and dry by the tide, back out into the ocean. The man exclaimed, “What do you think you are doing? There are thousands of starfish stranded from the high tide! What difference can one little boy make?” The boy replied calmly, “It makes a difference to this one right here in my hand…” 

You are just one person, but don’t count yourself out. The world changes, for better or for worse, from one action at a time from one person at a time. Commit to growing in the Virtues, and trust in the power of One.

Pick One virtue each week for a year, and spend One minute per day on your selected virtue. One minute!  That’s 7 minutes a week, 7 minutes per virtue. That’s 365 minutes in the year…over six hours! And that six hours will multiply as you find yourself contemplating your selected virtue throughout the week…maybe even practicing it a little bit. Even just a little bit. Trust in the “Butterfly Effect.” 

Think of One person to practice your virtue on.  Just one. And trust that big or small, you will have an impact on that one life.