What Is a Virtue?

(n.) vir·​tue | \\\\ ˈvər-(ˌ)chü \\\\

Conformity to a standard of right; a particular moral excellence


September 22, 2021

Franciscan Father Richard Rohr writes: 

“For anything to be a virtue, it must be a free choice, not just a mandate. Most of us were never taught that psychological truth! Jesus’ words must be seen as descriptive (what is possible) much more than prescriptive (what must be done). He is always describing and thus inviting his listeners into a big, inclusive life of love, which he calls the Reign of God. No language of counting or commanding can get you there.”

The photo on the left is of Julee and I standing next to a cardboard cut-out of Richard Rohr taken at a conference he spoke at in Albuquerque NM in 2019!


Danielle Shroyer on “The Seed of Virtue”:

Norman Fischer writes, “Seed of virtue is the recognition of our noble heritage as human beings.” We practice believing- and not just believing, but really knowing, in a way that empowers our living– that within each of us lies a seed of virtue. Nobody is born without this seed. We have everything we need to cultivate it and help it grow. It belongs to us, and it is our gift to others also. The wisdom behind this heart strength is that when we know that, we don’t give up…we keep at it best when we know and trust that it will create something beautiful.

Danielle Shroyer is someone I respect greatly; she is an author and spiritual director, and blogs under the name Soul Ninja.

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Romans 12:9 (TPT)

“Let the inner movement of your heart always be to love one another…embrace everything that is good and virtuous.”

November 19, 2021

“Ha, ha, woman, what you gonna do?
You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you…”

      –Jeff Lynne, 1995 from the song “Evil Woman” !!!